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April 20, 2004



I've wondered when more women (and men, too) will start to realize the moral bankruptcy of a political movement that defines the most important issue to their "woman-ness" as the right to terminate the lives of their children in the womb. I hope that progressive Christian men and women can make the political manifestation of feminism about more than abortion without discarding feminism as a whole.


Amen, Brian; Amen. As a progressive, I want folks to see that pro-lifers DO care about women and children. The pro-choice rhetoric depicts anti-abortion activists as conservative men; FFLA gives the lie to that.


I happen to disagree with your views on this issue, Hugo. But thanks for introducing me to Feminists for Life, along with International Denim Day!

Jonathan Dresner


You may not be aware of it, but the pro-choice image (Gross Generalization Alert!) of pro-life supporters is not just conservative men who want to maintain control over women, but also conservative women who nonetheless sneak themselves or their daughters into clinics when they find themselves "in trouble."

It has always struck me that the dominant image of pro-life held by pro-choice and the image of pro-choice held by pro-life is that of a single-issue essentializing position. Neither is really correct, but the rhetoric has so distorted communication and understanding that groups which agree on at least 80% of the problems and 50% of the solutions (The Foster quote which you highlighted could have come from either side, at least the either sides I know) can't work together on them.

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