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April 19, 2004


Jonathan Dresner

You know, I keep hearing about the "anti-war liberals" who are gleefully counting body bags and suicide bombers, but I don't know any of them, and I don't read any of them. Maybe I'm just lucky, or maybe the "America First" crowd is taking a few things out of context and blowing them up out of proportion again.

Being right, in this case, is terribly painful, but that doesn't mean that we should shy away from saying "I told you so. Now maybe you'll listen to me."


Jonathan, I don't think it's that gleeful. But I think many folks on the left (privately) DO feel just a bit of glee when they hear of the loss of American lives in Iraq -- I confess that I have been guilty of just that, not because I want young men to die, but because I see each body bag coming home as bringing us closer to the end of the Bush government. That's not something I like about myself -- and it's not something most serious leftists admit to, nor is it something all lefties feel. But it is not a unique sentiment either. It's cause for shame, frankly. On the other hand, saying "I told you so" is indeed different!

Jonathan Dresner

I keep starting responses and starting over, until I realized my problem.

I don't really care what we feel in our hearts (though, for the record, mine is more enraged than gleeful by the trouble our poor voting record and irresponsible leadership has gotten us and the world into).

It's what we do and say that matters.


As one affirmed "leftie", I can only speak for myself, but the thought of gloating over the sight of flag-draped coffins because those coffins might embarass the administration is simply sick.

Yes, I definitely oppose the war; I have since the beginning. I guess what I'm saying is that I wish people wouldn't use such broad brushes when they're painting themselves into a corner. A lot of innocent people get splashed with paint and don't deserve it.


I find no pleasure in being right about Iraq. My cousin is over there serving, and I would much prefer him being here in Texas with his wife and kids. I wish there weren't innocent people dying over there everyday. We keep finding out about aspects of this administration's inner workings, proving our assumptions right. In this case, I hate being proven correct. There is no silver lining to our current quagmire.


HI Hugo -
Thanks for the plug. Rick didn't find my response terribly convincing, but then I didn't expect that. As for being your twin - well, that means Rick thinks you are hopelessly naive too. Glad to have company in my foolishness.

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