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March 04, 2004



hear, hear, Hugo.

Tim Bednar

Here is a great site on female body image in the media.



Thanks, Maggi and Tim -- great site!


This is very important stuff, and your points are well made. The culture, sadly, is almost more than anyone can combat. When Britney Spears and Christina A. and others hold up sexuality as a normal means of daily artistic expression, it drives home the message that women need to objectify themselves. And for women (especially young women in their teens) who might not 'measure up' physically to the stereotypical sexiness of modern culture, it can be an emotional struggle. Sadly, in a lot of youth groups I don't see much difference in how younf women (and men) encourage each other to look and behave.

Tyler Watson

Great post. How one says these ideas will be important because no one in Western culture wants to hear - at any age - that they are incapable of autonomy. How do we create the umbrella? Is this a social project that will take years to establish since it is so antithetical to the current paradigm?

I agree wholeheartedly that the message sent to women - young and old - is that sexuality equals power and power equals autonomy. To use sexuality as a means to an end is no less objectifying than the systems that existed prior to the cultural shift in the 1960's and 1970's.


Wow just came here via maggie. That was an extremly powerful post. I think that this is something that the Body must do. I am excited that we can empower both men and women. Something that is not being done enough is addressing the predatory behavior.

Thanks for the good read and thought provoking ideas.

Arnold Williams

Excellent. As a father of a daughter, you bring up a way for me to discuss this matter -- not with her (she doesn't listen to me) but with her mother at the dinner table -- the only time we get semi-civilized behavior.

Whether that succeeds, of course, is not up to us.

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