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March 16, 2004



Hugo, I think you assigned ME those readings a while back. I remember reading one through a comment link and I'm certain it was you.

I remember not liking her piece, "The Largest Career of All," it made me defensive in a way it doesn't know that the concepts of "my own family" and "significant other" have some kind of meaning for me. But let me give two reasons why I really think your doing this is fabulous, despite my misgivings about this specific woman's writing:

1) The discipline does a fine job engaging with issues such as homosexuality, which directly affects less than 10% of the female population. Chosen motherhood, on the other hand, applies to at least twice that many.

2) Women Studies as a discipline fundamentally lacks the "descriptive" element that is necessary for effective "prescriptive" treatment of problems. By focusing too much on what its elites think should be, they are not only missing out on the excitement of real social science, but limiting their own applicability. Ahh, Women Studies. You have so much potential...


I agree with you that she writes from within a cocoon of her own (blessedly loving) experience of family. Hers cannot be, as you say, prescriptive -- but it does describe a reality for millions of Americans, a reality that deserves to be defended as a viable option with tangible and intangible rewards. Thanks

Betsy Powell

Thanks for the interesting readings. Bethany Torode is a refreshing and articulate voice. You might also generate some interesting thought and discussion with your students by reading some of Frederica Mathewes-Green. She has a book "Gender: Men, Women, Sex and Feminism" and one called "Real Choices." Mathewes-Green is an excellent writer and while I don't always agree with her, she always makes me wrestle with important issues. If you do a search for her on Google, you'll find lots of her articles online and published in various publications. The Feminists for Life website (Mathewes-Green is part of this organization, I believe) http://www.feministsforlife.org/ is also very counter-cultural and presents info that most of your students don't know about the pro-life views of the founders of the feminist movement. Definitely worth looking at.

Cara Fletcher

There are teenage girls who are glad with their choise and don't regret for not ending their pregnancy.But let's face it,there a really small number.I hope there would be more but I doubt so.


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