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January 19, 2004


The Angry Clam

Today is actually General Robert E. Lee's birthday (not observed, but really).

Here's what the General had to say about slavery.

He was also big on emancipating his slaves (and had, at least once, refused to accept money that a man who had come to buy the freedom of his wife and children offered, instead simply freeing them), but refused to do so until he was certain that the freedmen could care for themselves, usually by making sure that they had a skill.

I only mention this because I was watching the news and there was a piece about renaming schools around the country because the namesakes had been slave owners.

It's a sad commentary when people want to get rid of "George Washington High School" for that reason.


And on that issue, I am with you. I want to keep the Stonewall Jackson high schools and Jefferson Davis Parkways around as well, even as history rightly judges the cause for which they fought to have been an unjust one. We need to recognize that all of our heroes -- without exception -- lived lives of moral complexity.

Leslie Ciechanowski

God writes straight with crooked lines - on a personal level reflects our zig zag towards the unfoldment of self. The process of redirecting our self over and over again to the numinous and divine within. Reflecting, redirecting, and remerging once again anew.
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