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January 21, 2004



What fun! I 'painted the town red' , so to speak! ;-)

Incidentally, why are the Republicans red and Dems blue? The National Party here (www.national.org.nz) is blue, as are most Tories worldwide, and Labour (www.labour.org.nz) is red, along with most Socialisty loony people. Do Yankees just have to be different, or is there a reason?


I have no idea -- I lament the fact that the Dems aren't red, because I am proudly rose (if not crimson) in my politics... if I were a political scientist, I might know.

The Angry Clam

For a long time, the GOP was the blue, and the Democrats red, on the national maps.

I think the change happened in 1996, because I remember vividly the ocean of blue in 1988.

I like how Edwards gives Bush the electoral vote total that he actually received, but keeps Florida a "?" Talk about denial.


You brought back some memories. I was the only kid in my classroom to vote for Walter Mondale in the weekly reader poll, did lit drops and posted yard signs for Dukakis. etc

But while I am looking at Edwards more these days, I think the geography deal is oversold. It didn't help Gephardt in Iowa being from a neighboring state. I wonder if campaigns are partially becoming more nationalized then in the past. Of course having never lived in the south, I might be off track with my thinking.

Hugo Schwyzer

You may be right, Dwight -- but I also think if Edwards or Clark win South Carolina, the power of Southerners will be displayed once more.

I agree, Clam; the Florida bit is a nice bit of partisanship!

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