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March 07, 2006



chinchilla charity - that's encouraging, right?

i posted the other day about my hands-down favorite google search that has shown up in my stats: "why does camille paglia hate everything?"


i also get a surprising number of people searching on the lady with the hairnet from the honey bunches of oats commercial. who knew she was so popular?


Oh dear. I recall typing into google "older men dating younger women" and stumbling into this blog for the first time. There we go, guilty. *meep*


There's debris on my screen and I read that as "Chinchilla Clarity." And, then I thought, is that some new type of meditation?


ooh, ooh, i just got a great new one and had to share:

someone found my blog this morning googling "why are we blaming cats for what humans have done?"

how i wish i knew the answer to that one.


Aldahlia, yes. Holding a chinchilla and allowing it to place its paws all over you leads to enlightenment, steadier respiration, regular bowel movements, and an overall sense of deepened insight.

Catie Plutshack

yeah chinchillas are like the coolest thing ever.!

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