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June 01, 2004



Teehee! You made me laugh right out loud with that last sentence. I've no idea if I'll take my eventual husband's name - I'll just go with what feels right :)


In some future, likely non-existant relationship that leads toward marriage, I hope she'll be amenable to me changing my name to hers. That'll make participating in such a patriarchial institution go down a little easier.


For years my brother has talked about wanting to take his wife's name. Now that he's engaged, it probably won't happen because she wants to take his name. But he said it so often that when two of his friends got married last year, he took her name. Personally, I think it would be kind of cool to make up a new name altogether. I don't care that much though, and I already have weird requests for what I want the wedding to be like, so I'll let him win on the name thing. Whoever "him" is...


If this future maybe-existent she wants my name we can rock-paper-scissors for it. That's only fair, right?


That was a funny article. I don't agree with Frederica about everything, but I always find her writing warm and human.

When I got engaged, my high school friends sent me a card addressed to "Mrs. [myname]-[hisname]". I shuddered. Then I turned it over and they had written on the flap, "Don't hyphenate your name -- we hate that!" I suppose that would have offended some people, but it made me laugh.

Of course, I have a relatively common last name, with all of four letters, and people frequently can't get that right either.


What if girls took their moms' names and boys their dads'? That might work...

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